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Are you sick and tired of hearing the same old spiel from your Google Account Manager? I get it. Being told to increase your bids every week gets old, fast. Sometimes it’s like they have no regard for your performance targets. To them, your account is a personal piggy bank for testing their latest automation. They don’t care if you are spending inefficiently, they only want you to spend more.

I take a different approach.  I want you to spend smart.  I will help you eliminate any inefficient spending and reallocate it into areas that will drive new growth—and if nothing in your accounts are working, let’s fix that. Wasted spending no longer needs to be the norm.

David Ogilvy once said “big ideas are usually simple ideas” and I find this especially true with PPC. Imagine one simple idea that could double, or even triple your sales overnight. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s almost always using the Google Display Network. This is where the real opportunity to scale is, but 99% of agencies seem ignorant to it (cheaper CPCs for those of us ‘in the know’).

So what are you waiting for?  Even the most skilled PPC managers can benefit from a second set of eyes.  The audit is 100% free with no commitments.  Just fill out the form below and I will contact you by email for additional details. Within one week you will receive your free Google Ads audit.

The lowest-hanging fruit is often the juiciest. Let’s find some.

Marty Taylor
Founder of ROAS PPC

Don’t call me an agency. I mean it—don’t you dare.

Agencies work slow, I work quick.

Agencies take a week, I take a day.

Agencies produce meetings, I produce results.

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with some of “the best” agencies in the United States–think top 1%. To say I’ve been unimpressed would be an understatement. On the flip-side, they’re very good at holding meetings, I’ll give them that. Every little decision required me to “hop on a call”, and don’t even get me started on the corporate buzzwords they would pull out at every opportunity. “I think we should table this for now.” “Let’s circle back on that”. I still shudder just thinking about it.

Agencies also tend to be incredibly rigid in adhering to their internal processes; even if it comes at a great expense to the client. For example, on more than one occasion I have seen great campaigns that were completely destroyed, only because it didn’t match the structure they were used to. And you know what? Suprise, surprise—not only did the new campaigns not perform nearly as well, but nobody even checked to confirm that! So everyone was scratching their heads trying to explain why conversions were down 20% and we’re sitting on a meeting and I ask “hey guys, how is that new campaign structure performing against the old one?” Well, wouldn’t you know it, their eyes bulged out like saucers as they told me they would “circle back” with an answer. There are some agencies that will even start splitting up single accounts into multiple ones without any good reason… that’s when you know you’re in real trouble.

Here’s what you get from me that you will never get from an agency:

Expertise –  With an agency, you’d get a handful of rookies who just passed their first Google Ads exam. With ROAS PPC, you’re getting me.  My name is Marty Taylor (nice to e-meet you), and I have been working in the digital marketing world for over 10 years now.  I’ve done everything you can think of—meta, Baidu, Yahoo Japan, Linkedin, demand-side platforms, and of course, Google Ads. One of my greatest skill-sets has been proven to be the Google Display Network, where I’ve delivered great success for my clients by using a simple formula of proper targeting combined with killer ad copy. My favorite thing is when a client emails first-thing in the morning all excited because they just saw the total conversions for the previous day. Google Display can be an absolute boon for many companies, yet rarely do agencies tap into it.

FSO skills (figure stuff out) –   You won’t be bombarded with meeting requests from me unless I have something important to discuss. Believe me, working in-house for large agencies that hold 10 meetings just to wrap their head around your business, I can figure out most things quickly on my own, simply by looking into the account history.  I will always have a few questions, but you can rest assured that I will have a solid understanding of how your business operates without delay.

Long-term commitment –  Typical agencies have such high-turnover rate that you are constantly getting new people working on your account. Very rarely do you get someone with 10+ years experience like you are getting with me. 

Incremental growth – Most agencies love to talk about brand campaigns.  That’s because it takes zero talent to get a great return on ad spend.

“Congratulations, agency! You made a sale by poaching someone who was going to go to the website and buy anyways! Take a bow!”

As for myself, I will never talk about brand when discussing opportunities with new clients. Brand campaigns are like playing a video game on easy mode.  Real champions find incremental growth using non-brand search or even better, google display, where you can really scale things up at a low CPA if you nail the targeting and ads.

The mode played at most agencies

Likable dude – while not directly related to PPC, I’ve always seemed to be generally liked by my clients.  I’ve been told more than once that I seem like the kind of guy that it would be fun to have a beer with (my drink is Tuborg Gold, by the way).  In my spare time I like to play ping pong in my backyard with my fiance, Kate (she beat me 11-3 yesterday, yikes). We also go camping together a lot during the summer where we fish and do some stand up paddle boarding. Aside from that, my other hobbies include playing my electric guitar and giving my Siberian Husky (Loki) big belly rubs.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start your free audit to get things in gear! And hey, if we find some big wins, maybe we’ll virtually crack a beer together and celebrate your success!